Three Essentials For Every Blog Post

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Your blog audience wants you to deliver concise, useful content week after week. Demanding, right?

But maybe it’s not as hard as you think. As SOJC students learn to blog in our J452 class they are often surprised to learn that writing out their opinion is less important than the links they’re able to find through online research.

Most experts agree that a good blog post will engage your audience. That means understanding audience needs and providing useful information. Whether your blog is for a corporation or yourself, it needs to showcase your knowledge and experience to build a following.

What’s the best way to make sure you deliver? How can you build a relationship with your audience that positions you as an expert?

While the tone of your posts might vary depending on the topic, the essential elements will remain the same: Headline,  lead paragraph and relevant, useful…

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By Kevin Loder

Week Eight

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In a rush to get campus, I left my phone charging on the counter yesterday. There was no time to turn back. It was either return home to get my phone or a make sure I found a parking space. (More about @uoparking here).

Such is the nature of week 8.  It’s dark. I’m still coughing after three weeks and I forgot my phone.

Behind the wheel and stuck at a light on 18th, I started to catastrophize. What if someone really important called me? What if I was getting a text from my kid’s school? How would I sort out dinner plans with my husband? My screen could be blowing up with urgent information and I wasn’t there to see it.

By the time I reached campus, I’d made a decision to roll with it. I would be more Zen. I would find more time to connect in person…

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By Kevin Loder

Life at Lane

I definitely #feelthepower and more of #studentsuccess at Lane Community College. Thanks Ty Titan!

I definitely #feelthepower and more of #studentsuccess at Lane Community College. Thanks Ty Titan!

By Kevin Loder