Peer Mentor – College Success

Learning Communities at Lane Community College

Learning Communities at Lane Community College

I have enjoyed working for two years now as a student peer mentor to the College Success Learning Communities at Lane.
Here is a reference letter from my College Success instructor and supervisor, Mary Parthemer:
Dear On Course Faculty:
Kevin Loder is one of the Peer Mentors for CG100: On Course. I know many of you know him (he’s wonderful!). One service he provides as a Peer Mentor is posting information on the Moodle News Forum. He watches for and seeks out information that is important to students and sends it through the Moodle News Forum. For example, here is a post he did for my students yesterday:
Here is the link to the webpage with all the info on campus computer labs:

Note the Science Resource Center (SRC) is the only lab open on  Saturdays, from 9am-3pm! This helped me when I needed to print on the weekends, have a quiet place to study, and especially help with all things science! Science textbooks are some of the most expensive; here they usually have reserve copies.

Here are some other examples of topics Kevin posted for students:
  • Class Pictures
  • Downtown Campus Tour Today 2:45
  • Facebook group: Stay On Course LCC
  • Seeking another Peer Mentor!
  • FREE Coffee all week
  • Financial Aid June 4-8th
  • Lanestock TODAY!
  • The Power of Introverts
  • Study Group in Tutor Central
  • Cafeteria update & tips

Other examples of Kevin’s work:

  • Kevin worked with several faculty members as a “regular” in their classes, and students really loved it.
  • In my class, he would often use 5 minutes presenting timely information once a week or so. I would often have him chime in on a subject, or sometimes would ask him to present a bit of info about a certain subject.
  • He’d wander the room when we were doing class activities to help engage everyone in the activity, clarify info, answer questions.
  • He dropped on some other classes when invited to present or discuss an issue.
  • He was able to help engage students who were “hanging back”, and provided group and individual peer support.
  • He established regular study groups often utilizing Tutor Central’s group rooms and our classroom in the hour before class. It was amazing to see how many students showed up early! It was especially helpful when there was big assignment due in the linked class, or when students were preparing their final projects.
  • He sent out regular Moodle messages about information important to students, and cool ways to be involved;
  • He does an awesome Resource Tour, and I highly recommend you engage one of the Peer Mentors to do this tour, even if you don’t have them come regularly to your class.
  • He’s set up a FB page for Fast Lane alumni, and we have not yet used that to it’s full potential.
  • There may be additional ways they could be helpful as well.
If you would like to have Kevin his news for students on your Moodle site, please send your CRNs (if your using a Meta site, send the way the Meta Site is listed), and add Kevin Loder as a non-editing instructor to your Moodle site.
Hope the first week is going well!
Mary Parthemer, Director
TRIO and Title III
Lane Community College
Eugene, Oregon 97405

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